Short but sweet, here's my situation. I'm a vocalist, lyricist and MIDI drum/synth programmer who is nearly done with an album's worth of material. It was originally an EP but became an album. My guitar guy is done with all but 2 of the songs and I just have to record vocals for a few more.

I need a bass player who can finish the other 6 songs, since I already have 2 that have bass and the final song has none. So that's 6 out of 9 songs that I need bass on.

The genre is experimental metal. There are elements of metal, hard rock, thrash, core, 80's synth rock, black metal and a few others. However it's half clean singing and half guttural yells/raspy screams. It is NOT black metal or core though but merely has some of those influences at times stylistically.

I need someone who can obviously record and send files but also someone who's willing to tab out whatever he or she does. You don't have to have Guit Pro but you must be able to work with MIDI. Honestly, though I don't care if you tab on a Word document and just record though, since all the other synth and guitar melodies already have the MIDI, tabs and all that done.

I also need someone who is not a very religious individual, or at least not a fundamentalist because some of the lyrics in this draw critical parallels to religion and some other political things that people tend to get pissy about.

Please be able to send or link me to some samples of your work and I'll do the same with mine. This is just a hobby project but me and my guit guy have still taken it pretty seriously. No money involved obviously. Please no a-holes that want to charge me money for their "services" or that will flake out. 6 songs, please commit.

Btw, the theme of the album is post-apocalyptic. There's also lots of cool crazy art that accompanies it.

Hope to hear from someone, thanks.
Do you have tabs/guitar pro files of what has already been done? And what's the deadline, because I know from experience that scoring accurately can be time-intensive, not that that's an issue, just I'd like to be able to commit fully, as well as keep other, non-musical commitments.

All I can send you is my YouTube channel, which has bass covers from multiple genres, and my soundcloud page, which is mostly just guitar riffs but has some bass stuff on. The one labelled "Minimalist comp" is one for which I had to write, record and score 11 guitars and a bass.

"https://www.youtube.com/user/ninjafury97" - YouTube

https://soundcloud.com/gabriel-strain - Soundcloud

I'm currently working on some post-hardcore/prog metal with a local drummer and vocalist, I'll let you have those demos as soon as their finished, but don't count on that being any time soon
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Yes, I have the Guitar Pro that my buddy wrote, along with all the midi him and I did and actual recordings. There's no actual deadline but if someone could get the bass for one song done every 1-2 weeks that would be ideal. Sooner would be even better but I understand people have work, school, etc. as well as other band and project commitments.

Obviously this is a long distance project so after all the recordings are done I'll be sending people copies, digitally and physically, then that's it. There's no band thing that comes out of this so no worry for any major commitment after the recordings are done. It'll also take me a while to get the cover art done but yeah, the sooner the music is gets finished the better.

I appreciate your interest. Good covers you did btw, especially the Tool and Coheed/Cambria ones. How long have you been playing and what's your DAW setup? Feel free to pm me btw.