Man, that was awesome!!!
Everything was just perfect! The guitar playing (rhythm & solo!), the vocals, everything just spot on!!! I loved it, and I enjoyed every second
listening to that song!!!
You got me as a subscriber to your channel, and I liked it on YT
this is awesome !!
great song and great cover man. thanks for your reply on my cover too!
Good stuff. Super vocal performances. Especially nice sound quality in the male vocal. Since they're sharing the same vocal mic not much you could do about it but the girl's voice comes out a little hot in the upper mids. A smoother sounding mic on her or a cut in the 4 kHz range would sound good on her voice. You could do some EQ automation on the vocal track in the spots where she's singing alone.
that's a good idea, thanks. I hear it now that you pointed it out, we actually had to cut the bass for the whole song because of how boomy the guitars sounded, so that could be the cause.
Was not expecting that. Thats a solid sound going on. Thanks for the crit.


After crusing thru your youtube channel I got to say, you two are consistently awesome. SUBBED!
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Mate, this was just beautiful! Big up for the whole performance, I really liked it. Usually, I'm not listening to this type of stuff, but this one impressed me. Great song and perfect sound quality. You deserved a like and a sub!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABZ4gdfFa0E