Hello All,
This is Rouble here from India and I am new to this heaven of a place.
Been playing Acoustic for around 2 years now.
Actually I need an opinion about one guitar which I am getting for very cheap here and the guitar is Greg Bennett Torino TR3.This would be my first Electric guitar.

I am into Metal, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and a little bit of Blues.
The artists which I would like to emulate are Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, Beatles, Metallica, Megadeth, Nirvana, Clapton and all the legendary stuff
So will this guitar be suited for my styles and artists?

Actually the guitar I am talking retails around $400 here but I am getting it around $250(New)here which I think is great.But need the opinions of pro's here.

I would buy a Peavey Vypyr 15W with it though I am open to other options also.
Budget for Amp would be around $200.
P.S. Vypyr 15W is around $200 only here.

Some questions I would like to know also.
1. Is it a decent beginner/intermediate guitar?
2. I am also considering Greg Bennett AV6 but for that I would have to wait for a few months.
3. One thing I have seen is that the pickups on both the guitars i.e. AV6 and TR3 are the same ones.So will there be any significant difference between the two? I mean is it really worthy of spending an extra 200 on AV6 considering it is my first electric.
4. What is the body wood of TR3? some places I see Alder and some say it's Mahogany.Can anyone who owns it confirm to me?
Alder vs Mahogany may depend on which year model you are getting. It looks like if you are buying new it should be Mahogany.

I've never had one so I cannot say anything about the general quality, but the pickups are
Duncan Designed HB101N and HB102B... which are the generic version of the Duncan Distortion Series pickups. I have had a guitar with the Duncan "Designed" pickups before, and after getting a guitar with real Seymour Duncan's, I got rid of the one with the Duncan "Designed" pickups.

However, if somebody can vouch for the quality of the guitar construction and QC, you could probably just upgrade the pickups later.
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Go for it. I've played Greg Bennett guitars, they're really good, and the Torino series is said to be pretty neat. The only thing I'd suggest to you would be to make sure you check the prices at a few different places first, because some places tend to mislead you with their online and on-ground prices. (I've been through this - located at Bombay)

@RedJamaX Umm That I really don't know which year it is.Will ask them.

Duncan Designed HB101N and HB102B are really decent ones as far as I have heard from many people around the net and personally.Will see what I can do.
@narinderkapur Okay.
Yeah that is the only concern for me right now.This offer is I think applicable to only online purchase of it and not from their retail store.And only this thing is stopping me right now because can't buy a guitar without playing it you know.Lemons Lemons everywhere.
Yeah talking about the Furtados.They are running this offer.You must have seen that.
Have you bought any gear from Furtados?
It's gonna be my first from them if__!!
I'll put it this way: I was going to buy the AV-6, which was coming for 16 grand on their website, but I decided to buy it from their retail store (personal quirk - I don't trust online shopping for guitar related stuff unless it's a set of strings). I called their store up, the main one at Bombay and they told me it would cost me 25 grand, and that the offer was only applicable for the online purchase.

I have bought my first electric from them (a Java, discarded it after a year - really, really bad guitars), but after this experience, I prefer checking other stores out.

I'd therefore suggest you call them up, and confirm whether you'll have to pay any other cost excluding the price itself. No harm in checking that bit out. If they do have other costs, then look around elsewhere, or buy a cheaper one ( I managed to find a new Squier VM Jagmaster for 18 grand - well worth it ).

All the same, I'd suggest you try playing them first. If that isn't possible, then go for the online method.
Thanks man.You helped a lot.Yeah online would definitely be the last way out.
Will try to get one from their Saket store in Delhi.
Dude one thing wanted to ask.
Can this be a possibility that since they are selling a very quality instrument at a very low price, so is this possible that the guitar may probably be defective or have some hidden problem which I as a beginner may not be able to detect, because otherwise there is no point selling a brand new guitar for so low and also it has to be a very old piece.What do you say.Am I getting too fussy??
I've been to the Saket store. Pretty small place, but a good collection.

I don't think they'll sell you a defective one, they have to keep up a reputation, especially in a metro like Delhi, but they might dump some cost on you, like a tax or shipping, or something else.

Problems you should check for are a bent neck, making sure EVERY part is where it is supposed to be, dents, scratches (even the smallest one causes problems later on), tuning issues, and the like. Go online, Google common issues with electric guitars (or a term like that), and read up carefully. Essentially, the more research you do, the less you'll regret your decision. Also, if you're located in Delhi, try and look up some other stores as well. There have to be some good ones.
Hmm..never been there.It's my first!!

Okay.that I will make sure before buying.

Though I know quite a lot about acoustic but still it's my first electric so things are ok ok.
Will definitely search the web for guides.
Yeah know many shops here but I am pretty sure no one can beat this price, Raj Musicals is a place worth visiting though, cheapest here and fully loaded shop, people there are also very sweet including the owners and demonstrators.very feel good place.