New here

Wanting to buy a a fixed bridge guitar but confused between
1. esp ltd h251fm
2. schecter omen extreme 6

also tried a cort z44 but not sure how cort guitars are .... which one should i go for ???

other suggestions are also welcome

mostly would be playing rock and metal but would really like a bit versatile one

Budget = $400
some of Cort guitars are really well built, great tone. However, in this case I would go for Omen 6 Extreme without any hesitation
I have a similar Schecter to that one. Mine's an omen. Not sure what the "extreme" includes, but I love it. Great stock pickups and a 24 fret neck that just sings.
For me all the schecter guitars I've tried have felt better than similar esp models. They're also better value for money, IMO.
Also, the LTD:s tend to fall to pieces, at least mine did. Some knobs falling off, the strap button fell of once while playing (fortunately not live) and such. Those problems also occured quite fast after I've got it. Haven't had any problems with my schecter though.
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