I don't understand this trend going on for quite a few years already on the forums, I mean even the 15watt spider is a pretty good amp for a beginner .

A beginner wouldn't even hear the diffrence between 100$ spider and 2000$ mesa and probably the tube amp would sound like shit on whisper volume without any low end.

It's got some cool features to mess with, some effects to see what you like and improve as a guitarist

I don't understand the hate, really
We don't allow these threads, because they always turn into garbage.

The short answer is that nobody is telling a beginner to get a $2000 amp. The problem with Spiders is that for a similar price you can get an amp that actually has some decent modeling, and not one designed by an accountant and a marketing exec, to be sold to moms shopping at Guitar Center.

They're like the Beats by Dre of amps. Their entire market strategy is to sell to people who have no idea what they're buying. So that's why they're poorly regarded around here. A lot of beginners were talked into them by a salesman at some point, and feel like they were misled. It's the amp everyone regrets having once they get some experience.