I've just started learning how to play, but before I jump into chords and all that good stuff, my dad, who's teaching me, has got me doing this finger exercise to build callouses. Where I start on the bottom chord and put a finger on each fret and go up a chord and repeat.

My fingers are killing me from that, though it's only been 3 days, do any of you guys have tips for building them faster or an easier way? Anything would help.

I have another problem, once I get to using my 3rd finger, it's hard for me to spread my hand across to touch each fret/chord. Does this happen when you first start playing? Like my 1st finger will occasionally move over to the 2nd fret or close to it.

Any help's appreciated! Not just on the 2 questions, any pointers at all for a beginner!
Dexterity will come in time and so will callous! All you can do is practice! Good luck!
Hi, you're better than me. Have a nice day!
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Dexterity will come in time and so will callous! All you can do is practice! Good luck!

Thanks! Is it normal to have trouble with my finger movement and all at the start? or are my hands just not made for it? :P
Normal. I'm left handed but had to learn right handed so don't worry :P
Hi, you're better than me. Have a nice day!
our hands are made into it. in just a short time, you'll look back at this post and laugh at yourself.
i would think that working on chords to help keep you interested would help but your dad probably knows you better than anyone else.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I am also a newbie in this line. My friends are helping me a lot. Now this Forum. ;-) ;-)
Your 3rd finger issue could well be that your thumb is badly positioned.

Is it pointing sideways? Assuming you're playing acoustic or electric, it should generally point vertically up - at least half way up or sometimes over the top of the neck.

Is it positioned too far towards the head of your guitar? Many people who start out, put their thumb where it feels great for their first finger but then find they can't reach far or well with fingers 3 & 4. Try placing your thumb more or less opposite the middle finger. This should be comfortable and manageable for all 4 fingers.

These are not rules, and not intended to apply in all situations, but if you're starting out try having these two things in mind.

Good luck!
There were some techniques I've heard about like soaking fingers in saltwater to soften them..although this can cause ALOT of pain as it brings to much wear/tear to your fingers because they're so soft. I would not recommend that, because within a week or so I was able to get calluses.