Hi everyone. I'm new to guitar playing and singing and I just learned this simple song and recorded it for my girlfriend. I was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to critique my playing and singing? I know I messed up a few times in the song, but I am more curious about the things an experienced guitar player or singer might be able to pick out which they feel I'm doing good and bad.

Here's the video:

Thanks a lot in advance,
Not bad man. I would say though try and get more into it, get into the mood of the song and seem like your enjoying it a bit more. If the songs a happy song then play it a bit more peppy and with a smile on your face. If you channel the mood of the song into the way you play then you add a sort of twist to the sound that reflects on the song.

Once your a bit more experienced and comfortable with the songs your playing try changing it up a bit to make it more original. Add in some percusive hits if you have the skill, break up the chords or even just change the strum pattern or the timing of the song.