Hi, I have a Fender Ultra Chorus amp and it has two input jacks. I found a silver piece on the floor a few weeks ago and I figured out it was from the interior of my amp input jack, it's silver, round, and helps keep the input cord in place. I popped it in and I was right. The problem is, I have two inputs and I see that I'm missing the other one. The jacks are fine, have the nuts and everything, this is the only part that's missing. I need this part because my mic goes static with the slightest movement if I don't have it. Can I buy a part like this anywhere? Thanks for your help.
I'm not really sure what you're referring to. It sounds like you're talking about the very tip of the cable

I'm not seeing anything here that's round..?
If you're talking about the bent leg on the input, you'll need to replace the whole jack. They're cheap and easy to replace yourself.
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