Hey, I'm using Mesa 50/50 PA with ADA MP-2 and I'm looking for additional preamp.
I play only lot of metal/rock kinds, I'm more vintage guy, like end 70s-80s-90s US/UK sounds. Like pristine clean too.
Well I want this preamp to be diffrent sounding, to make my gear more versatile.
ADA MP-2 is quite oldschool metal ripper, so I think this one should be a bit lighter for Pink Floyd music kind.
I can get Marshall 9004 for 180$ - price is tempting I think, but would it be ok for my preferences ? Couse guy said that it sounds like Metallica 80s, is he right ? Couse for that I have Ada 2, so no point if it's almost same.
I can get also Rocktron Gainiac for rly cheap - 85$, but I reed that's pointless if I have ADA, becouse it's a lot worse.
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Not a preamp expert here but have you considered the Engl e530? I would think that would work better but maybe not. Where do you live roughly?

Definitely recommend the e530. They can be found pretty cheap.
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Poland so besides ebay price I also have 23% xtra vat + 3% taxes.
E530 is around 400$ + duties, I can't afford it right now, I'm looking for some occasion, which I thought 9004 for 180$ is.
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$180 is kinda high for the marshall 9004. I got mine for $50. Its good/ok. Does AC/DC tones and 80 clean really well.
I just used it today to teach my kid some tunes off of Kill em All.....wasn't too good for that. But I wasn't using EMGs either.

I don't use it much since I got a real Marshall head and honestly my Digitech RP-7 sounds better than the 9004 too. Must be that tube people say is not doing anything that makes it sound better.

I have been using the RP-7 into a board with headphones a lot since the wife found out I could jam at home like that. And its good for playing at 2am when everybody is sleeping.
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