Love the intro and great clean guitar tones, reminds me a lot of A Change Of Seasons. The song itself starts really nice and good rhythm ideas, does get a bit repetitive after a while though - would be better if it had vocals imo. The rhythm playing is quite sloppy in places though, really shows up more given the (I assume) programmed drums. The mix itself is extremely good, the only thing I'd suggest is maybe turn the snare and toms up a little. Overall very good work, just needs a little refinement.

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Dat Metallica intro tone! The intro part feels slightly off timing with the drums at parts, might just be me though haha. The guitar riffs are pretty cool, I feel like the drums kind of detract from them though, I feel like they could fit the song better. The song itself has a good flow to it, pretty good composition!

Overall you've got some good ideas, they could use a bit of polishing, and the drums could be done a bit better, but good stuff!

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Music must be honest to be timeless.
I really like the halftime / breakdown style section around 2 minutes. To be honest the guitar work in this song is pretty badass for the type of song it is. I enjoy listening to good grooving guitar riffs in metal, and you do a good job at that.

Your "Triumphant Riff" as I'd call it, sounds a bit like the intro to this song haha.

Either way, stick to your roots with the groove you've got and don't try to overdo your style because it's solid as ****.

That intro was sweet man! I'm more of a rhythm guitarist as well so i dig the playing! I know sometimes playing a song all the way through can be tough but i would suggest to do "takes". like if there's a riff you like, try and record that riff alone and add it in . I dig the drum sound, i know getting real drums can be a hassle but cheers for trying to make it all fit, and i think you did well!

C4C http://soundcloud.com/metal-turtle/kill-ultra-final (Riff compilation, no direction lol )
Audio quality is good. Nice intro guitar riff (my favorite part). Something slightly odd about the timing at ~1:00 for me, but sounded better the second time I heard it. Playing is mostly tight. Drums sound good. Interesting tune. Nice outro! Please review my music at this link:

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Hey sorry for the late C4C guys, I have just reviewed your stuff. I was awya for 4 months on vacation and have just gotten back! Thanks for the reviews though! Cheers!