Hi, practicing alternate picking the right way past couple of weeks thanks to this helpful community. I decided to practice with a metronome at a mere 40 bpm and I ain't increasing it for a week now seeing as I want to focus on my technique entirely, I was one of the guys focusing on speed and not giving a dime about technique before. I'm trying to "get it right" from the start and I don't anchor at all, I pick the notes on a single string from my wrist, however I use my forearm to switch between strings. Somewhere I heard it's healthier to use your forearm to cross from string to string(I still do the picking itself from my wrist) because rotating your wrist down from 6th to 1st string puts the wrist in an unhealthy position.
I just want to double check if that is alright? Or must I use my wrist exclusively to do all the movement? It sure is harder than to just jam my wrist against the guitar, but I'm progressing quite fast, occasionally my palm brushes against the top strings very slightly, nothing more than that. I tend to adjust my elbow against the body of my guitar and that's it.

Thanks in advance!
That's right, the idea is that the arm keeps the whole hand/wrist assembly in a position where the wrist isn't bent badly and you can keep your actual picking motion as consistent as possible.
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