I've been trying to find answer for what these* mean, but I just can't find one. So I'll ask you guys.


I have a feeling that it has something to do with how I'm supposed to use my pick (downwards/upwards). However if it doesn't tell that, please tell me how I know am I supposed to use the pick upwards/downwards xD.
That's just note lenghts. It depends on the tempo how you pick. Generally you might use downwards on the beginning of the yellowed part and end it on upwards. For example the "0000" part you use Down Up Down Up and the "9 00" Down Down Up
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It's the rhythm.

I don't know how to word out a more detailed answer so i suggest you ask the guys at Musician Talk, they'll give you great answers and link you to the proper sites to learn from.

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Without more clues, it looks like your song is in 4/4 time. The first measure has pairs of 1/8 notes. The section you have highlighted with the double-lines - those would be 1/16 notes. Make sense, or do I need to explain note timing?

And as Adamgur96 mentioned, Musician Talk would be a better place to post this.
For the first highlight, it consists of 8th notes. You play those twice as fast as quarter notes, which is your basic note measure.

For the second highlight, I believe you play the first note as an 8th note, then the other two are played in 16th notes, which is twice as fast as an 8th note.

And for the third highlight, it consists of 16th notes.

P.S.: As said earlier, the connecting line thingies (mind you, I don't remember what they're called) just determines the length of the note/how fast you should play in that measure.
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