Punk inspired song lyrics I wrote once during the horse-meat scandal. The subject and content is entirely meant for comical purposes rather than me actually thinking/acting in this way...

Verse 1
I live my life off 20 a week,
It sure as hell ain't gettin' better,
I barely afford me somethin' to eat,
And I wrote this song so I could tell ya,

I've been pickin' up cigarettes off the street,
A sign of my desperation,
But the fag ends taste of nothing but shit,
They're no good for my respiration,

Pre - Chorus
Society's a ****,
You ought to know,
Out for the rich,
Instead of me and you,
And I've been plotting revenge all night,

Life's a bitch,
(But so am I),
A punch for a punch, an eye for an eye,
Life's a bitch,
(But so am I),
Putting horse meat in burgers from 9 till 5,

Verse 2
I get on the tube almost every day,
Surrounded by men in suit,
They look down on me as if I haven't paid,
Or I have no right to commute,

And all this talk of financial collapse,
Has got me down right edgy,
I may spend my life just living off scraps,
If its anything to do with Nick Cleggy,
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