I've been listening to Buckcherry lately and loving most of their stuff. Reminds me of the heyday of the 80s rock scene but with a modern flair and no makeup or hairspray lol. Anyway the song "Dead" off the album "All Night Long" (not the song "Dead Again" from their debut album, which IS tabbed on this site) has gotten heavy rotation in my playlists recently. I love the guitar work, and it has many sections that would be fun for improv. I'd like to learn the proper song first before using it to jam over, but I can't seem to find a tab for it anywhere, here or other sites.

I've been trying to learn more stuff by ear lately, and it goes pretty smoothly with simple songs like punk rock, or slower songs with a single guitar, but when it comes to more complex arrangements, or faster songs with multiple guitars, I'm not there yet.

Can anyone help me out?
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