I've played the les paul recently at a local guitar shop and am pretty set on getting myself an LP custom. The thing is I wanna get a used one to save me some $$$.

While i love the feel of them, I don't know the technical goodness behind them. So I need some help picking out which one to buy.

I'm pretty set on the custom, because it's heavier and sounds better than the standards (I played a standard)

I stumbled upon these:

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar 2008 Ebony L K 711106001340 | eBay

While this one here is being sold for a good price, it's a 2008. How much better are 2012's than 2008's?

Pre Owned Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Vos Rosewood Maduro 2012 | eBay

Seems like a good deal, and since it's 1,000 less than a brand new one I'm willing to settle for the rosewood.

and musicians friends has some used ones with the ebony fretboard for 3,200.

Whatchu think guys? Help will be highly appreciated
Buying a Gibson on eBay is a really, really bad idea.

The Customs haven't been changed that much so a 2008 won't be much different than a 2012. The rosewood is the only major difference IIRC.

LPs aren't hard to find used, but I'd really strongly suggest against buying one online, and doubly so for eBay. Try the one you're going to buy.
I buy most of my guitars via the phone or Internet, but I have to agree with Roc8995. So, while i feel buying guitars online is not inherently risky, i'd follow his advice on this one. Here's why:

Gibsons have a double-whammy on them when it comes to online purchasing. First, Gibson has had quality control issues that are a bit outside the norm for a guitar maker of its size. So two technically identical Gibbys may be fairly different in actuality.

Worse, and more importantly, because of the status of Gibson as iconic guitars, there are an incredible number of fakes and home-modified LPs out there. (Fender Strats & Teles have this same issue.)

Third, while I buy online frequently, I usually don't trust private sales & auctions for big purchases unless I have some kind of good documentation or the seller has a good return policy. This may mean I miss on some killer deals on eBay, Cragislist, etc., but it also minimizes my odds of getting scammed.
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