Sorry - but this is another "What Amp" Thread. I want a small (preferably tube) amp that wont take up too much space but have enough voume should I ever decided to jam with other people.

I am deciding between a couple of amps at the moment.
1. Peavey Classic 30 (used $600, new $1000)
2. Marshall DSL 401 (2002 model $900, uncertain if heat issue has been sorted)
3. Marshall DSL40 (new $900)
4. Orange Dual Terror ($1100 new) and Orange 1x12 Cab ($600 new)

GENRE: Classic type rock - Black Sabbath, Led Zep, ACDC
LOCATION: Australia
GEAR: Epi LP, Fender Tele, Vox pathfinder
SPEND: up to $1700 AUD

Really not sure which way to go. I like the idea of the Classic 30 as it easy to change tubes and doesnt require biasing (and if ever needed, a serial FX Loop). Shame that it has a shared EQ. Orange would also be easy to change tubes and no biasing.

So I dont know, what to to ? I do like the idea of an amp that is easy to maintain in which I dont have to take it to a tech for biasing - but not sure if that is a good enough reason not to consider the Marshalls.
Get a used Classic 30

The DSL401 is a good amp, but with the money you save on the peavey you can get some nice FX and a new set of tubes
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Yep. Classic 30 all the way with that budget mate. Leaves you room for some pedals, tube upgrade or maybe a speaker swap, depending on what it comes with.

EDIT: Classic 30 would possibly need a bit of a kick with a boost or something to get to Sabbath tones though.
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Thanks for the input guys ! As you say , with the money I save with the C30, leaves room for some decent pedals to help get any extra sounds I might want.