Hello Everyone,

I have been coming to this site for many years probably since not long after it was put up because i have played guitar off and on for about 20 years now. Though up until recently I could rarely do more than open chords and power chords. I refused to learn Bar chords for the longest. I recently took a song writing class. Before that I could write lyrics and I could write music I just for the life of me could not marry them in a sense. I am currently taking a intro to guitar class which I figured would have bored me to tears but I actually did realize a couple of things and they are helping my playing now I just got to practice them. Believe it or not Glam rock/metal whatever you want to call it got me to pick up the guitar so I like that and most any other rock/hard rock/ and some metal. I am from texas so I listen to country as well but I generally don't play it. I am currently working on a set list to play at xmas for the family and hope to have a couple of originals in there by that time :-) sorry for the long read I just got carried away.... look forward to discussing with everyone

bar chords are your friend darkrin ! i advise everyone thats new to try getting the F down as soon as possible. after that, it's smooooooth sailin' !
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)