I am sure your looking at request 2001234. and wondering why you should even continue reading after seeing I registered today. First off Thank you if you have read this far. :-)

I have tried for about 5 hours alone today to figure out this song by ear(still very tone deaf at this point). I have watched vids of the band play it. I found one person playing on yewtoob which she is close it doesn't match the band exactly and she doesn't even play it all. Yes I have scoured the websites high and low

its a bonus song on Halestorm's first cd 'Tell me where it hurts'

I know the chorus is G5 to A5 and possibly a C5 thrown in a time or two. I got that from watching the vids and im pretty sure the intro starts in E5 and goes to D5. Unfortunately thats all I have.

any help is appreciated. Also its not a huge rush just looking to play it around xmas

thanks again for your time....
I realize this is an obscure song and I am less likely to get help. I am still very interested in figuring this out. if someone is willing to help me not looking for a full out transcription but I wouldn't turn it down either

I would try harder on it but I really like the song and I know by the time Im done. I will probably hate the song. I doubt I will get any where with transcribing because im so tone deaf.

I would post links to the vids but I read else where the youtube links are blocked

thanks again for taking the time to read
yep still here... I dont post unless I have something to add to the convo and so far I haven't found anything I can add to but I am still here reading posts. still trying to figure out the song
happy fouth of july to everyone in the states

yes im still working on trying to figure this song out I may hate it by the time im done but im going to figure it out
Check out this video on YouTube:


The girl plays basically what you are stating with the G,A,C chords and what appears to be an Em followed quickly by the E string at the second fret ... Also she states she plays it in standard tuning but a half step down.... So maybe That is why yours doesn't sound spot on... So watch what she does and I think you pretty well have it....
So to me what you stated is correct... Just needs some tweaking
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Thank you for replying Don. I watched the vids of the band playing it as well its almost like she is in a different key than the band plays it in. I will keep hammering at it hopefully get it to where I feel its acceptable maybe upload a copy of it at some point and let others decide how close I am.