hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong section.

i got a steinberg CI1 interface and have been playing into Sequel LE 2 with it. However, there are very limited amp simulators, only about 15, and to be honest,

im very beginner when it comes to simulators, interfaces and music programs, as well as installing vsts or whatever. i appreciate any help. Thankyou!
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forget any of the plugins that came with it.


This thread (which is stickied) will tell you all about the recommended amp sims and cab sims and Impulse responses that you can get for free.

thanks man, i checked that out. but could you link me to a thread or tutorial on how to actually install those to use with Sequel LE 2, or some similar software i can record/edit music into with my interface that can add those amps/sims up to?

i just got the CI1 and sequel and im very unfamiliar with using both and am clueless as to what to do.