Hey again guys,

Given I'm always trying to cover as many styles as possible, this newwest song is heavily influenced by Storm Corrosion/Steven Wilson, so expect an acoustic, reverby, choral sound.

Comments on the songwriting would be really useful... I've tried to keep it simple yet different in terms of structure and sound. Like always, leave me a crit and I'll return the favour! Here's the song:

Hey man. I've just started following you. Very good. I love Storm Corrosion/Wilson myself. I can hear the influence. But it has something else about it as well. Professional recording and the levels are balanced. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your stuff. BTW, good vocals too. Really I can't fault you. Well done.
Also quite a big Storm Corrosion fan - love the composition, recording and performance overall, very professionally done. There's a few things I'd suggest changing with the vocals though - it could do with a little more body, also some of the vocal harmonies in the first part don't sound quite right. Overall extremely good job though!

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Good songwriting, though I feel the quiet interlude and solo section should go at the end instead of after the first section, the chorus repetition in the second half gets a bit redundant and tho interludes could help break that up nicely.

Awesome vocal production and singing, I do recommend trying to get a but more flow instead of pronouncing each individual word very clearly. Check out the new TesseracT album if you aren't sure exactly what I mean.

My only real complaint is that the synth pan flute or whatever it is around 2:30 and various parts of the song is slightly sharp in terms of tuning and that got kind of annoying to hear.

Overall you have a really solid song, I'd just try to break up some if the repetition in the second half. The song gets going really well but gets kind of stagnant towards the end. It's not bad by any means as it is, I just feel its not at its full potential

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Music must be honest to be timeless.
The dissonance around 2:30 and later is surely intentional. I've heard similar sounds from Irish folk instruments.

Production is excellent: lush and smooth. Vocals might sound good louder. You have a pretty good voice so perhaps it should become the main focus.

You've achieved an orchestration soundscape which is evocative. It made images play through my mind. That's the great strength of the track.

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