Stole the format from the 'What Pickup?' sticky...

1-Type (brand and model) of guitar you're upgrading

Eastwood Airline 3p DLX

2-Current pickups the guitar has

Eastwood airline humbuckers (stock)

3- Current amplifier

Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18

4-Desired tone (be specific)

Ok so I've narrowed my style down since buying this guitar, and since I still love the way it plays, I'd like to change the pickups to fit my style more. The style(s) in question would be indie/alternative rock, blues/psychadelic/garage rock, hard rock and punk. I'm talking Band of Skulls, the kills, tame impala, the doors, dead kennedys, white stripes, Stone temple pilots, Foo fighters, and audioslave.

I am looking mainly for the twangy, garage-y, hollow-ish sound that The Kills and Dead Kennedys get. I am almost certain that it is a single-coil sound, and I think I would be looking for Humbucker sized single coils or HB-sized jazzmaster pups. If there is something else I should be looking for, then by all means say so. I also would like to use some heavy-ish effects (i.e. the kills, tame impala, audioslave).

I don't expect a new set of pickups to do every band I listen to (I my SG can handle a lot of them), just most of them.


Try to keep it under $200 please

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How about a set of Duncan P-Rails if you are after more versatility?

Other than that maybe some (full humbucker-sized) Filter'Tron-type pickups might work.
GFS makes some rather cheapish ones which are considered quite good though, if you're looking for something nicer there's also TV Jones and probably a couple of other winders which I don't know about.
Filtertrons are humbuckers, but very low in output. They sound pretty twangy and chimey, but are still hum-cancelling. 'Traditionally' they are the go-to rockabilly pickups, but they work very well for the kind of tone you're after IMO.
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What Jesus Crisp said, check out GFS' site. They have a bunch of humbucker sized single coils that sound great despite the price. Be sure to take a look at the Retrotron series as well, there are some cool humbuckers sized pickups there too.
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I second the P-rails. I have a set and they are pretty sweet. I put them in a guitar I keep in my car and since I have friends that play a wide variety of music(dead,floyd,maiden,punk,thrash) I was looking for something like these to cut down on the amount of guitars I haul around. My only issue is that I think they make a hotter version of the bridge pup.....I didn't get that one. They still do metal/thrash fine.

They should be able to cover what you need and are very versatile if you wire them up with the full option way.
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