Hey guys,

New Gear Day! I've had this one for about a week but I thought I'd also share it with you guys.

I had two guitars but unfortunately they were stolen. I was looking for a 7-string for some time (even when I had my two other guitars) and found this one pretty cheap. €200 2nd hand. So I thought, why not!

The hardware and clean sound were way better than I expected, and it's awesome to play a seven string. I really want to play it like a 7-string, and not just like a 6-string with a low B. So different voicings, added bassnotes and everything. Will take some time but I'm looking forward to mastering this thing in the summer.

Here's a little 'shuggah-riff I'm scraping out of it. I just had to...

(Droppped G, I know it's ridiculous but I did it because I (finally) can!)
Dean Guitar.jpg
You look positively nonchalant :P

HNGD post some more pics so we can get a better look
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That picture does not tell us how you feel...

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