Hello all. First post so I hope some one has had this problem before...its new to me.

I have had a ESP with Humbuckers that I have been playing for 5 years and it soundsgreat...until yesterday.

Suddenly bad tone, no sustain , and then when I try to play through a clean channel ,the volume is very low.
I took the back plate off and dont see anything loose in there.
I even went and bought a new Boss GT100 thinking my old GT6 had died. (actually it has other issues)

any way, I am very disturbed by this and was wondering if any one had any ideas before I take this thing into the shop.

thanks in advance for any thoughts

I know this is obvious, but did you check guitar cord? Make sure it is the pickup. If it is then either get out the multimeter or take it in.

Good Luck!
Are the pickups by any chance actives?
If so...change the battery.
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