Hey guys, hoping someone could help me out with this. I recently installed a jb sh4 pickup into the bridge position of my strat. The setup is single humbucker single volume, no tone no switch no other pickups.
I have the red and white wires soldered together and taped off. The green and bare wires are soldered to the pot (used shrink tubing around them because I know the bare wire shouldn't be exposed). The black wire is soldered to the first tab of the pot. A wire is soldered from the tip of the output jack to the 2nd tab of the pot. The third tab of the pot is bent back and soldered to the pot. A wire is soldered from the sleeve of the output jack to the pot. The pot is grounded to the tremelo and to that little tab that screws into the body of the guitar.
I followed seymour Duncan's diagram for one humbucker one volume precisely. I have checked and re checked everything.
The hum does not stop when I put my fingers on the strings so I don't think it's a ground issue. It just sounds like the guitar is feeding back uncontrollably. (It happens when my amp is cranked for practice).
In order for it to stop I have to stand like ten feet away from my amp. This did not happen with the invader I had or the dimarzio x2n. I have had hot pickups before so I know it's not the fact that its a high output pickup. Plus my buddy plugged in his les Paul that has a jb sh4 in it and there was no problem.
Anything I may have missed?
Thanks guys
sounds like one of your solder joints is bad
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Is it a new or used pickup? It could be a bunk pup. It happens.
What the hell!!!