And Jesus Christ, do I have a massive headache.

Damn, that movie was ambitious. I didn't know what was going on half the time. Tom Hanks and Hale Bary were good. But...wtf.

My head is bursting.

Anyone else seen it? I'm surprised at the relatively low popularity of it. But then again, it's a goddamn mind bender. Not sure if I loved it or hated it.
It was alright. Didn't really confuse me, I just didn't see why they were trying to make that point about people being connected and what relevance each era/story really had other than just nice scenery to the main plot. A lot of effort to push a vague idea.

Good sci-fi usually has something in that can be related to any time period, when it doesn't by doing something really out there, it will at least spend some time building up the plot in a way that makes the audience actually care what happens in the story. What we got with Cloud atlas was a bunch of random stories with little connection to each other (that I was aware of), with the only one that actually important being the apocalyptic one.

I get the impression it's one of those movies where a lot is explained in the book and in making the movie, the directors/screenwrites assume just covering the major points will be enough. Everyone thought the same of Life of Pi but that was lucky to get away with it.

Outside of the story though, it was very nice to watch and I wasn't bored or anything throughout.

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I saw it! Friend recommended it, so I threw a party watched it on Blu-ray.

With Captions on. The captions helped, a lot. It was a really great and pretty movie. And theguitarist: a bit of research lead me to this:


Essentially it explains the reincarnations of the various stories. And it's neat.

Watch it again with captions after looking at that, it makes oodles of sense.

edit: pardon me theguitarist, this is just general info, enjoy it if you do, but I didn't read your post thoroughly enough, sorry
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Yeah. I got that, lol.

I just didn't see the reason behind all that story. I'm sure the book is much more clear, but the movie wasn't clear about what it wanted to say, and jumped from what were interesting stories while leading to something bigger that never came. Whole film felt like like when you see interpretive dance of a story, you'll only really truly grasp it if you already know the story.

Whether the story was about reincarnation, what it is to be human, love, morality, human spirit or assorted metaphysical hoo-hah, it could've been done better.

“There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”
~ Bill Watterson

I've seen it and I had to take three breaks during.
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I liked it! I liked the multiple connected plot lines and the ending too.

I didn't like it better than The Matrix, but I liked it a lot more than Speed Racer
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Yeah I have no idea if I loved it or hated it, it was pretty cool but I didn't understand anything, hell I didn't even understand what caveman Tom Hanks was saying most of the time.
I thought it was good. I just really disliked that the some actors ended up having more than one role which made it difficult to keep track of who was who. A bit long though.
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I really enjoyed it. Certainly wasn't perfect, but it was way better than most people give it credit for.
I saw a trailer for it and ever since then I've really wanted to see it. Is it worth the time?

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I've nearly finished reading the book, which is really good but I haven't seen the film.
Definitely like to though
Definitely a good movie. Some people didn't like it because it just circled the same concept over and over, but I liked it. Good acting and it has action, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, comedy, and drama all wrapped into one. The only thing that bothered me was that some of the make-up was poorly done and obviously fake, but whatever.

I like the idea and execution of it overall
I enjoyed it and didn't find it particularly perplexing, but then I have read the book. Not that the film is incredibly true to the book.
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I wanted to watch it in the cinema, but a lot of my friends had either never heard of it, or they weren't too psyched for it.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I loved it
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I wanted to watch it in the cinema, but a lot of my friends had either never heard of it, or they weren't too psyched for it.

It's 3 hours long. I'd freakin die if I had to watch it in the cinema.
Was a little confusing, too much going on, and took too long to get to a simple point. My butt got sore half way and I was just getting eager for the movie to end.
I saw it just recently. Went in knowing the basic idea of what it was about and I found it enjoyable enough.
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Didn't see it, thought it looked cool, but I'm a pretentious ****.