Here is a new tune that my band, 10th Avenue just finished up. It hasen't been mastered yet, but our producer has done a pretty good mix.

I'm just looking for some feedback on what you guys think.

I'm happy to do a c4c. Just leave me a link to your material!

Here's a link to Inside The Lines

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First thought was "great bass tone." My second thought was that the label that signed boys like girls when they got their break would have taken you at the same time. As I type this, "Two Sides" is playing, and I think I like it better. Still very pop-punk (Not a negative thing, it's still a great genre). Going into the solo your vocalist holds a note with a harmony over it. I think the intensity will build better if you cut the main line and leave the higher one in by itsself, or at the very least bump the volume on it. Those drums are gonna sound great with a heavy dose of compression on them.

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