My recently aqcuired Standard.

Stamped 'Second' on back of Headstock. Apparently the two piece top's seam isn't quite perfectly down the center

Stock except for tuners.

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She's a bewdy. I love the classic sunburst finish. How does she play? Is the problem with the seam noticeable?

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To answer your question, If you're really looking for it. Really looking. It's just sliiiiightly off.

Playability wise, It's great. Intonation is just about right, and it's already 'opened-up,' i.e. the natural resonance has really come through with years of playing.

Appreciate the questions and compliments!
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does she still sport the t-tops? hows the neck, did the finish wear off? thinner profile?

looks like it's in good condition with a dark as hell board.

i asked in the lp thread, but i should probably ask here anyway.

Nice find!

It's a real shame that it's a clownburst though.
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Looks awesome, clown burst be damned, I would play the shit out of that!

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T-Top Pickups are still there, Neck finish is mostly worn off, profile is slimmer, more in line with a 60's profile than a '50s. I'll post more pics after work.
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