I have a gibson les paul standard faded 08 model with zebra coil pickups. When i'm using it to record audio via an preamp i get a high resonance/humming sound just around 280hz regardless of what pickups im using. Is this something thats normal for this guitar or could it be something wrong with my pickups?
Have you tried recording other guitars through your preamp? What preamp are you using? Do you get the hum when you run the guitar through your amp?
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If the guitar always sounds like this, change the cable you connect it to other things with.
If that doesn't work too, open it and check the soldering.

If the first thing solves the problem instead, change the pre.
If the pre has problems with every signal passing through it, have it serviced.
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Thanks alot fellas. I'm currently on vacation, but will try ur suggestions when i get back home. Fyi, its just a cubase ci2 so if its the pre, i wouldnt hurt me to upgrade anyway!