For what it's worth, I like it a lot! Sounds like a solid pop punk song, it's great for what it is even if it isn't super original
I hate to be that guy... but it's "wrote"
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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My main criticism is that your songs are not in 8/4, they're in 4/4, other than that, good stuff, I reckon this can sell, well done!
It's more like pop rock, than pop punk, as I hear no punk influences at all. The song sounds pretty mediocre to me, maybe because there are no vocals (obviously), and such music relies heavily on singing.
but the first i posted i working on the transition and how the drum would change but that last one i know it was something i had stuck in my head i had to write it out