Hey all, i thought i would share with you a basic restoration that i did on this Australian made Moody Amp (see pictures link at the bottom)

This single channel 12 watt combo started life in the 1960s with two 6x9 size speakers.

When i inherited it, it was practically un-usable speakers were completely shot and the cones were worn though all the way around and i couldn't find anyone who would do a recone so i went and bought a near new 10 inch speaker from a Fender SuperchampXD . This purchase was made quite blind as a didn't know what speaker would be a good match and it has worked out quite well

Apart from a speaker change i replaced the preamp tube as that was shot (the power tubes are an oddball 6GW8 but they were fine) and i gave it a good scrubbing all the way round which brightened it up a bit

As for sound, this amp has an AMAZING clean tone but doesn't have much headroom and starts to break up around half volume with single coils. it also has a nice overdrive that sounds positively huge when boosted a little with an OD pedal. A nice Zeppelin-esque tone can be had with this amp.

yeah, so let me know your thoughts

Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/1kjUD
(i don't know how to embed them in the text so here is Imgur! )
Nice refurb. Looks good.

Does it have an open back? I would assume so. That's a tiny cab for a 10" screamer
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its got a semi closed back, the cover is just not on in the pictures

Edit: scratch that, there is no picture of the back, i thought i uploaded one

but yeah semi closed.
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