his hair is on fire
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All killer, no filler?

That dude went full filler.
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

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I'm guessing Avril left him then?

Some time ago, she's married to the lead singer from Nickelback now.
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Come on guys its hard doing drugs and having that amount of money.
Wow... I saw Sum 41 do a comeback at Download or Sonisphere a year or so ago and he didn't look bad at all given the years. Now though...
Holy Hell
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Looks like she's taking her little brother on a special day out.

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i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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It's all in the hair color. He just needs to color it black again and he'll be fine.
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God damn he looks awful in these! I saw him at Sonisphere back in 2011 and he didn't exactly look in his prime, but he didn't exactly look awful. Dear God, what the **** happened?!

Edit: I didn't know they auto-censored swearing on posts on here, that's pretty cool!
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I saw another recent photo of him where his hair is a different colour and he looks a little bit better, it just looks like a hedonistic lifestyle has caught up with him, aging him quite badly. Maybe after this, he'll clean up a little.

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Looks like she's taking her special brother on a little day out.

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He looks like a fat weatherman.
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That second guy deserves the grand prize for chubbiest dude to keep an 8-pack going of all time. / 10
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That second guy deserves the grand prize for chubbiest dude to keep an 8-pack going of all time. / 10

Probably just ab implants
holy shit he let himself go

i guess losing avril (ug's wekly hunny frm last weke) does that to people

god damn. all killer no filler and does this look infected? were rad tho. two of my favorite albums when i was younger.
you're a stone fox
half hour of power was their best album

maybe it's not avril leaving but stevo leaving?
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Yeah I saw him play a few months ago and he really did look terrible.

I dont think he's even that old
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I forgot that awful song exists. the album would have been way better without it.

and without all messed up. That shit was total filler.
Im not one to make a fat joke but hes gone "in too deep" in a couple bargain bucketss
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John Belushi goes Punk.
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