Hi I have a hand made V. I gave it to a guitar tech for 2 months to finish the job since I didnt have the correct tools nor the time at the moment anymore. He charged me a pretty penny as I don't think he deserves it because I still have to fix some things. Is there a reason why the G B and high E are going out of tune so much? It goes out when I really use the Floyd bar. (The EAD don't ever go out) I called the guy and he says the "edges may need sharpening" what does this mean? I have 9's on it now, would a set of 10's or 11's be better? Would nut sauce help? I'm just thinking of anything that could help. If there is anything that is a possible fix, please tell me. Worse comes to worse ill go buy a real Floyd. Thank you so much!
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Well, what kind of floyd is in there now? I haven't had any luck with anything licensed, while I found the 1000 series and original stay in tune quite well
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Is it possible that your strings are cut too close to the tuning peg?
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Is it possible that your strings are cut too close to the tuning peg?

Couldn't be, they lock down at the nut.
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Couldn't be, they lock down at the nut.

I dunno, I had that problem with my les paul when I cut my high e way too close to the tuning peg. To the point, where the string slipped out of the tuning peg.
When he re-strung the guitar did he feed through the tuners and open end to bridge? What I mean is are the ball ends of the new strings still on the tuners at the headstock? If so, are the balls making contact with the tuning stems? If there are no balls on your strings nevermind.... Maybe the knife edge has some wear, causing it to bind up on the treble side somehow.
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Check the posts where the knife edges ride. If these have any side to side movement when the trem is off the guitar, they will shift under tension during bar use. You can use red Loc-tite or teflon tape to take up the slop, or replace with locking studs. Start there, next make sure that the contact surfaces of the knife edges and studs are free of burrs. Then move to the nut. Your squeaking is probably the springs.