Are there any really good guitars that can put out that folk sound of the older recordings, that aren't 1,000 dollars. Everyone keeps saying martins but those are so expensive! I want that kind of warm sound of the folk-revival songs but I have no clue where to look.
That's not what I mean by didn't have a clue where to look. I meant like body styles and such, because the types I find that seem fit are way too expensive.
The seagull coastline cedar folk sounds decent as does their maritime, or there's always sigma(like a martin knock off), or a yamaha LS. Go out and try a bunch.
there's a lot of solid choices. yamaha's 720( dont remember if its fs or fg...cranky'd filet me if i get it wrong again..FS i think) is a solid performer, the Coastline as mentioned above is another. the Simon & Patrick woodland pro gets some solid reviews.
the choices are endless !
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
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That's not what I mean by didn't have a clue where to look. I meant like body styles and such, because the types I find that seem fit are way too expensive.

Sorry about that. You're initial clue wasn't too specific.
Back during the "folk boom".....(I'm actually thinking the "second folk revival" when folks like Peter, Paul, and Mary and Dylan and Joan Baez and such were hot stuff) you could pick up really nice high-quality Martin and Gibson medium-and small-bodied instruments pretty reasonably.

No one was much playing them.... The country and bluegrass guys all wanted dreads.

Now, such instruments tend to cost The Earth.... Still, there are some decent alternatives if you look around. Several companies are making "folk" or "fingerstyle" guitars in the 5-600 dollars range.
You might take a look at the Taylor GS Mini... they have a similar sound and are very playable.
As an owner of a Taylor GS Mini I must admit it's a very versatile instrument. Does the folk thing well, can pull off a lot of acoustic blues parts, fingerstyled parts(travis, classical, jazz arrangements, whatever) sounds pretty good, can do some good jazz comping, strum along with most pop or country songs. It will never act like a dreadnaught but does have a very well balanced sound. It's my workhorse.
I'm a fan of Seagull models as well and Martin's 000X1AE is only 500ish if you don't mind Laminate sides and back. Guild even has a $520 All Solid Mahogany Folk in their GAD line... it's the 120 if I recall correctly and there are few Recording Kings in the 000 size which run as low as 200 for just a solid top and right around 500 or a bit more for solid top, back and sides.
both recording king and blueridge make decent copies of old martins. the 142 and 143 are the lowest cost all solid models, but the solid top models sound pretty good.

and i say this a lot, but i think the 000s from recording king are their best sounding guitars.

14 frets to the body, solid top.

14 frets to the body, all solid - a stupendous deal

14 frets, all solid, adi top!

12 frets, solid top, good deal
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