Maybe this will be stickied or something, I haven't seen something like it pop up. But I think this would be a good place for the Do It Yourselfers to share some of the projects they've worked on. It may inspire someone else to start up a project, and it could be a good place to share tips and information of that nature.

So without further ado:

This was a MIM jazz bass V I did earlier in the year. Fairly simple, I stripped off the black finish with a heat gun, then sanded the body down and finished it with a few coats of poly. Besides being more physically appealing, it had small effects on the weight and overall tone of the bass.

This is a little mini-stack I've thrown together in the past couple of months. The cab is a Sunn 1x15. It was originally black tolex and grill. I tore off the tolex, sanded down the adhesive, and stained the wood finish. Then, I replaced the black grill cloth with some tweed-like material. The head was an Ampeg SVT 350 I got as a freebie in a trade last year. I was planning on doing the same stain, however I found out the Ampeg is made out of particle board pretty quickly. I work as a graphic designer at a sign shop, so I used company time to print some wood-grain onto mac tac vinyl (the kind of stuff they use on car-wraps). Then, the grill cloth was covered with burlap.

What's everyone else been working on?
There's actually a whole forum for building/customising, just in case it was missed. : Here it is.

I'm working on my second parts build right now though. My first didn't involve much work. I just bolted a pre-decaled neck onto a loaded body, gave it some strings and some new controls and set it up. At some point I might go back and work on the electronics or something. I really only built it because I liked the grain and the finish on the body when I saw it.

And now I'm building a 5 string Stingray clone, using the body and neck of a Vintage EST96. I've stripped off the old finish and I've been waiting for the weather to improve so that I can refinish it. I'm going to use a Wudtone kit in Saffron yellow, to see what they're like. I'm thinking about maybe adding a veneer, but that depends on how the grain looks once the sanding is finished. This is the body before stripping:

I have a couple of other images around here somewhere of the work process. I'll dig them out later. After refinishing I'll start on the electronics.
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Been working on this dragon for a while:

- Swamp Ash Body
- Warmoth Wenge Neck, Ebony board - Fretless.
- Gotoh 203 bridge.
- Schaller Tuners.
- Nordstrand 4.2 MM pickup with Nordstrand 2B-MM Preamp.
- Custom pickguard from Warmoth.
- Finished in Daphne Blue.
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