So I am going to repaint my strat, I am thinking about doing some kind of glittery gold color. MY question is what paints can i get for use at home that will turn out good? Ive got a good place to paint and I am pretty good with a rattle can (spray paint). I just want something that's gonna come out nice.

Also Do I prime the body after I sand it down to wood? What kind of clear coat should I use that will give a nice final touch to it?
Check out Duplicolor
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If you have a random orbital sander at hand, use that to sand down. If not, use bondo to full any dings then rough up the surface to provide a mechanical bond for primer, which I suggest duplicolor sandable primer.

Duplicolor products are the most readily available, though expensive for their "perfect match" paint.

If you want the "glittery gold color" like a gibson gold top, they only way I know how to get it is from reranch. http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop_image/uploads/Image/57angle.jpg

If you want a metallic gold/yellow. You can either buy metallic paint or buy yellow or gold paint and use Duplicolor effex, which has sparkles in the clear coat, lay a couple of those on then use regular clear over that.

Since this is a metallic/gold top build, you don't have to worry about dust/hair/cloth fibers as much as a solid finish. Spray in a dust free environment, if have the time/ funds, you should make a makeshift spray booth using a couple wood beams and a clear shower curtain to achieve: http://terrydownsmusic.com/Archive/surf_green_tele_wip/paint_booth.jpg