So I'm trying to create a medley between 3 songs. Problem is each song has a different CAPO placement. Is there a way to play it all with only one capo position?

1st song:

CAPO 4th fret
CHORDS: Am, C, G, Dm, F

2nd song:

CAPO 1st fret
CHORDS: Bm, D, A, G, Em

3rd song:

CAPO 3rd fret
CHORDS: C, Am, Em, G


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just play barre chords on the first song 4 frets higher on the fretboard then they should be played, on the 2 song 1 fret higher and in 3 song 3 frets higher
It will probably help to know which chords you are actually playing.
For example, if you have CAPO 2nd fret and holding Am shape you are actually playing Bm
So your songs would be:
1st song: Cm#, E, B, Fm#, A (key C# minor)
2nd song: Cm, Eb, Bb, Ab, Fm (key C minor)
3rd song: Eb, Cm, Gm, Bb (key Eb major, relative key C minor)

So you could look at them as 2 songs in C minor and one in C# minor.
You could also transpose the 1st song to C minor:
1st song: Cm, Eb, Bb, Fm, Ab

Play those chords without capo and that's it.
Hope it helps.
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you could get a rolling capo

or just transpose it
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