ive got this little problem i cant tell if its my guitar or my amp, on my schecter omen 6 i have where ill put the amp on really high volume,(while my DS1 is on) you'll strum the lower strings open and they wont really be heard they dont have as high as a pitch as i think they should, i havent had time to try it with my other guitars but the amp ive been using is a Crate GX-30M, if theres not enough details let me know, thanks ahead.
sounds like you already know the next step in seeing what going wrong. Try another guitar.

But what do you mean "they dont have as high as a pitch as i think they should"? If the string are too slack, they wont produce much volume. Tune up!
What happens without the DS1? What happens when you switch from neck to bridge position? Have you changed your strings lately? Really old strings can sound very very dull, even on an electric guitar.
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sorry for late reply, i guess it could be the strings or it may be the guitar, i gotta wait until nobody is home to test it out and i use the DS-1 because simply i like to use the clean channel and distortion as well i dont have a footswitch i also like that i can just flip it to the overdrive channel and then screw with the nobs on the Ds and get an even more heavier distorted grungy sound out of it. but thanks guys, ill check back with resaults when i have the chance.
Alright so i tested the other two and i get the same effect when the DS1 is on, when its on clean you can hear them fine without it on so i guess my next approach is finding the setting on the ds1 that will be "just right"

though in the meantime what are some good amps that i can get for cheap that have a good grunge sound and wont be drowned out by the drummer?