I am primarily a bassist and I have intensified my guitar playing recently.

I borrowed my friend's crappy GK fender copy and pretty much everything about it sucks, the neck in particular is killing me. I cannot play fast with thin necks for some reason, same thing with jazz basses, primarily because of the accuracy of fretboard on the neck.

Since I am used to the "thicker" neck feel of the bass guitar, initially I had a bit of trouble doing solos. I am looking for suggestions for thicker, wider, almost classical guitar neck on an electric guitar with humbuckers. Any help?
LPs tend to have chunkier necks.

This may help as well:

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I'm right there with you on that. I really do not like the Thin-C shape at all anymore, and that seems to be the most popular neck profile out there. I even gave away one of my guitars as a gift because it just hurt my hands to play it.

Not sure what price range you are looking in, but PRS SE has several models with a Wide-FAT profile neck that's very comfortable in that respect. (SE Santana, and I think the Tremonti)

ESP LTD has the Thin-U design. Still a thin neck, but the widened "U-shape" gives it a more comfortable feel. Very similar to the Modern Flat Oval listed above.

Most Les Pauls (Gibson or Epiphone) will have a thicker neck. In the Affordable range I would suggest taking a look at the Gibson LPJ (Not Les Paul Jr., that's different), or the Epiphone Tribute series.
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