For sale is my Marshall DSL 401 combo. £300 ovno

A new reverb tank is about £25-£30

Great sounding amp with clean, crunch and high-ish gain channels.
Though the on-board drive channel does sound nice, I think this amp really shines when you use the clean channel with stomp boxes in front.

This amp is easily loud enough for band rehearsals and gigs etc and sounds better and better the more you crank it!

This amp does not appear to have any problems with over heating as was common in the earlier models - I believe this is either a 2003 or 2004 which I understand was after Marshall had improved the design to avoid overheating.

I live in Fareham and you're very welcome to come round and try it out.
I also commute between Plymouth and Fareham so viewings, pick ups etc can be arranged between these locations - please just ask.

Feel free to get in touch and ask me any questions - more photos etc can be taken if you like.

I'm not going to post this but will cooperate with a courier service organised by you.
Best bet is to come and pick it up from me after you've tested it out or meet me somewhere and we'll do the transaction.