Local Original Rock band 180 Out is on the search for a new vocalist. We are an established rock band in the 757 that plays original music in the 757 and soon to expand to neighboring areas. We have played many of the local venues over the years including the NorVa supporting national acts ZOSO, Nonpoint, Abused Romance, Egypt Central, and Apocalypitca. We have good relations with venues and our fellow musicians. We are looking for a new singer to come in the band as our original singer has stepped down.
What we are looking for

-Singer/Growler. We don't play screaming or death Metal but we like to add some dirt and grit when it's called for on our hard rock tunes. Singer first growls and dirt second!
-We are Open to Male or Female singers, if you have the voice and the chemistry we want to see/hear you!
-21 or older (We are ages 30-44)
-Transportation to practice and local gigs
-Able to write lyrics for songs old and new (some of our old songs will get new lyrics)
-Previous Band experience is not required but never hurts.
-Should have some singing experience of some sort though.
-Let me know when you can make it out to a practice to audition when you contact me.

Respond to this ad or contact Andy via text our lead/rhy gutiarist 4403822247

Check our music out here on Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/180out757
Our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/1800UT757

serious inquiries only.
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