So I've recently picked up my guitar again and I've been getting better and better but I realized I can play certain songs a lot more accurately with my fingers vs a pick, I've been considering just using my fingers for certain songs since using a pick causes me to make silly mistakes due the awkward nature of using a foreign object, I figured I'm slowing down my progress getting frustrated with a pick when I can easily play some songs with 100% accuracy with my fingers
Short answer: Yes and no.

It's really up to you, you can see it from 3 points of view.

I had this same thing happen with me and 2 of my friends who play guitar, and we all went down different routes, which all worked.

One of my friends did as you said, he felt more comfortable playing some songs with fingers instead of a pick so he simply dropped the pick for those songs. Simple as that.

My other friend thought that since he couldn't play this as well with a pick as with his fingers that he would slow down and use this as a good way to build his picking, and since he slowed down and practiced it properly, he was able to play it accurately and relaxed with only his pick later on.

Me on the other hand decided that i wanted to use my fingers but not loose the pick, so i used this to start getting into hybrid picking (using your pick + middle/ring and pinky fingers), cause i don't want to drop my pick, ever. I always want to be able to use both my pick and my fingers at any given time, cause this allows be to be more diverse and produce a lot of different sounds without switching in the middle of a song.

All choices are valid as long as you practice them well, accurately and relaxed and practice perfectly.
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It ultimately depends on the song, sometimes you will and sometimes you won't nobody what the genre. You should keep the pick in your mouth or in a pick holder attached to the guitar for quick-changing.

Fingers are usually used for tone and/or maneuverability over many strings.

You should research a few songs yourself to get an idea of the difference between the two.

Money For Nothing by Dire Straits is a good example of fingerpicking with distortion.
Ideally you should be comfortable and capable with both. Don't just abandon using a pick because you can't play with it well enough. Work on your weaknesses.
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