Hey guys just wondering what the difference is between the two thanks!
depends on what amps you're looking at

if you're looking at tube amps then the overdrive on the overdrive channel will be preamp-tube derived (assuming you're not looking at one of those bullshit hybrids masquerading as all-tube ) and normally will sound way better than a pedal (depending on what type of tone you're after and what pedal and amp you're looking at).

if you're looking at solid state amps, not a lot. obviously the circuit design will likely be different so they might not sound anywhere near the same, but the general design principles will normally be similar.
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dave is pretty much sums it up. now it will depend a whole lot of the quality of the amp and the overdrive as to how much of a difference you will notice. a high quality overdrive into a decent amp on the clean setting may sound way better than an average amp by itself. also depends on what kind of overdriven sound you seek. for instance many tube fender amps only yield a small amount of overdrive (unless wooded) which may appeal to country or blues players. on the other hand something like a marshall may have a more distorted overdrive sound. with quality gear you can get both either from either method.