Hey guys. I'm not much of a gear head, so I came here for some help.

I'd like to put some passive Lace Deathbar pickups in my Ibanez RGA8. I had them put into another 8 I have, and love them.

However, in the RGA8, it has an active EQ switch as well. The pickups and the swtich both run on 2 AA batteries.

My question is: Would it be a problem putting in two passive pickups? Or would that screw up the Active EQ?
I don't have any experience with that model so I may be wrong but a quick google leads me to believe the pickups are active, which means they wont have a ground wire from the bridge, drilling and fitting one could be tricky.

If the preamp and pickup are designed to work together it may not sound very good with other pickups but in that case you could completely remove the preamp and fit a normal volume control and pickup selector