As the title says, I've got little information about this guitar that I offer a very economical price. I wonder if any of you have tried it and have comments about it.

I had a SE-series Yamaha a few years ago, can't remember the number, it was a Strat copy probably from the late 1980's. These pre-dated the Pacifica series. The 620 should be a high-end model. Very well made with good hardware but the pickups were not so good on mine, so I replaced them with real Fender American and it sounded much better! You can get those guitars for cheap, if the frets are not worn out it should be a good deal. Also check the pickup selector switch and the volume/tone pots, if they are scratchy they will probably need to be replaced.
Actually, while the SE620 was a good guitar, it wasn't one of Yamaha's high-end models. It was a typical 80's style SuperStrat guitar. You see them for sale every now and then, and the price for one in very good condition rarely tops US$200.00.
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Hi thanks for replying
Actually I think a good deal considering that in my country
any low-end guitar is worth what it costs me this.
Anyone know of type of wood is built?
Probably Alder or Agathis.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley