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I've noticed this weird scratching noise when bending notes on my G string. It seems to be between the string and the fret. This doesn't happen with the thicker, wound strings, nor with the thinner, plain strings, just the G. It's quite noticeable when playing unplugged, and I fear I'll wear out my frets quicker if this continues. Any advice?
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Does it come on after bending the string a few times? If so it's normal, all guitars do it. The metal will start to flake after you bend for a little while which then scratches on the fret. You can simulate it with all the top strings. Does it sound like a kkkkeeeerrrunch kind of noise? (that's the best onomatopoeia I got )

It normally happens due to too much pressure when bending or because you're bending on the same spot for too long. Does it go away instantly if you change fret but then reappear if you bend there for a little while?
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It happens to me usually when I haven't changed the strings for a while and play on shitty, rusty strings. Check if you have any junk gathered behind the G-string.