I liked it. Melodic, catchy and listenable. Vocals have feeling, which comes through well. Perhaps rhythm guitars could be louder (but maybe I'm biased because I'm a rhythm guitarist).

I listened twice to the studio version to pick up more things and found I was recognising the hooks the second time, confirming the catchiness.

Live version wasn't well recorded but I could hear enough to know you were nailing it, and that it would be a good gig.

Gonna agree with Jehannum here, really melodic and definitely catchy!
It flows awesomely and its structured very well to the point where I could feel where the song was going next, which is definitely a good thing.

Guitar work seems pretty solid and I'm really digging that lead tone. The main scream vocals feel sort of "dry" but not too much so. The chorus half-scream vocals are probably my favorite part.

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