I am thinking about buying the "Epiphone inspired by 1964 Texan" the problem is that I could not find a left handed one. So would it be a good idea to just get a right handed one and re-string it for left handed use?
Epiphone only makes one or two left handed models. (At most! They've even discontinued a couple of their electric lefties also).

I strongly advise against converting a right handed guitar to a lefty. They're never, ever right afterwards, and there are many, many lefties available today. Certainly a lot more than there were when I started playing.

I play left handed on left handed guitars and I know pretty much what is available, and where to get them. If you decide to shelve the vanity idea of a particular model, post back and I'll try and help you find something.
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The big problem is intonation. You'll notice that most all acoustic bridges are angled slightly...To account for the different thicknesses of the strings.
In order to do a conversion right...You not only have to replace and re-cut the nut, but you have to fill in the existing saddle slot and then cut a new one.
This requires high-level luthier skills...
Also, the bracing in many guitars is slightly different on the bass side...