Hi there everyone, I'm having somewhat of an unusual dilemma as a musician and a composer. It's a little bit of a read, but I hope it isn't too bad.

I live in Maryland, and for the most part, the music scene is dying or is cluttered with cookie cutter bands. Finding members to start a metalcore band is easier than taking a breath around here. The problem is that I don't want to be in a metalcore band. At least, not your typical one in which the entire song is a breakdown. I draw heavy influence from bands like Emarosa, Hands Like Houses, and Of Machines.

I thought I was alone in the style of melodic/intricate guitar writing. But then I stumbled across this two-person band here in MD. Their music is superb and just crazy good compared to the other bands around here. But it is much more mellow than my own style. It's closer to HRVRD than it is my style. But still very similar. They're extremely underrated in my state, IMO. And I've actually talked to them before and played video games and what not with them, you wouldnt tell by their music that they listen to Meshuggah and Periphery (another MD based band). My problem is recruiting for my own project. I've been writing alone for about 2 years now. I sort have a band but theyre not interested in what I write.

I'm sure with a demo I could recruit people if I put it out there, but almost no one shares the same music taste or writing style; except for the two-man band. Obviously they are passionate about the style that they write, and I'm passionate about my own. I'm sure this will seem silly to 9/10 people, but I am really nervous of asking them if they want to be part of my project (especially since they have been trying themselves for over a year to get a full line-up. And I think it's more or so because they're picky than it is that they can't find anyone who wants to. They did, however, stated that I showed more interest in auditioning than anyone else so far) A little fearful, I'll be disregarded by the only people Ive encountered so far with similar taste. "You'll never know, if you don't ask", this is true, I just would feel weird. They have offered me to audition for their band. Which would make me happier than the band I am in now. But it still wouldnt be my passion. At the same time, who am I to ask people to abandon their own passion/style so that they can combine it with mine?

I guess it all boils down to whether or not I should take the chance and join them, or try to recruit them myself. It's the only chance I can see to play with like-minded musicians. I have a plan for almost everything. I took a dream and boiled it down to every last detail and how to do it and accomplish it. I spent a long time understanding and studying the business side to the music industry. I know how much luck and hardwork is involved in making it in this industry there is too, however. I am not starry-eyed. And I have some music. My final step is to form a group. So I suppose this is why I am so unreasonably nervous. If anyone has experienced a situation like this or has any advice (preferably something more than "grow a pair" haha, because I tell myself that all the time), it would be immensely appreciated. Thank you for your time and patience.
Have they heard your music? I'd get their response and thoughts from a non-recruiting point of view. Many players look at playing in bands as "transitional" or something to do for right now, and many embrace the idea because it can expose them to new ideas, keep their chops up, bring an audience to play for, meet and network with new people and be a lot more fun than what you're doing now. If they are more established than you, and you like them, then I'd play with them, and develop your stuff as a "side project".