Hey Guys,

I hope you can help me. I've looked through numerous threads for information but some are quite old, so forgive me for starting a thread that may have been posted a hundred times before.

I am wanting to buy a new Acoustic (not electro acoustic), my top end budget is £400. I used to play many years ago, so am hoping to get back into it.

Can anyone recommend anything?

My research has turned up the following potentials;

1\ lag tramontane t100d - seems excellent quality for the money, great sound too. Have to say, I'm leaning towards this at the moment
2\ Taylor Big Baby - it started as my 1st choice but indecision has set in, thinking that maybe makers like LAG and Yamaha offer better value for money
3\ One of the Yamaha's - like an FG720

I've played the Big baby and the Yamaha's and preferred the Big baby's rich sounds. Am I missing anything? Or anyone with any experiences of a lag tramotane t100d?

I used to own a Yamaha FG730S for a couple of years. Great sounding and playing instrument. I have not played the Big Baby or the LAG so I can't really comment on either of those. I do suggest that you play them all, maybe even some other guitars you haven't listed that are in your price range.
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Thanks, I will check out the FG730S at the music store on Saturday.
Unfortunately, I dont have a chance to try out a LAG tramotane, they don't have any in my area. So I'm relying on word of mouth and youtube videos currently.
i wasn't impressed by LAG guitars. yamaha makes great entry level solid tops, and the value is awesome, but if you're looking for a rich tone, yamaha may not deliver. that being said, i've played probably 50+ big babies and didn't find their tone particularly rich, either. they do have that taylor sparkle while yamahas have more of a fundamental. keep in mind that yamahas ship with yamaha strings that - to my ear, at least - don't sound very good, and probably cost yamaha some sales. the first thing i do when i buy yamahas is change the strings.

if you can find the blueridge BR-40 or BR-60, or a recording king, i'd try those. they have a rich, martiny tone. also if you can find a seagull original S6 in your price range, i'd definitely try it out. i suspect you'd like it, as it has a big dread sound but also some sparkle at the top like the big baby, and it's a very nice guitar, but not sure it would be available to you or in your price range. keep in mind i'm talking about the original S6, not the entourage models, although they could be worth a shot.

all that being said, if you really like the big baby and can afford it, i'd buy it. value doesn't count much to me if i can afford a guitar - only tone and comfort (nut width, body depth, scale). sure, you can get guitars that are much better values, but you're not talking about much of a difference, price-wise, and within a year only tone will matter.

get a guitar you love and you'll love playing your guitar
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Great thanks for the info patticake, very helpful.
Yamaha seems a very safe and reliable option, I was wanting to go with something a little less mainstream. I will definitely check out the blueridge and recording kings, havent looked into their ranges at all. I've read quite a bit about the Seagull S6, all good things, but they are actually more expensive in the UK than USA, and harder to get hold of. It's a pity.
I do like the Big Baby, a friend of mine bought the Taylor GS Mini whilst we were browsing yesterday and he loves it.
Regarding the LAGS, really wish I had one near by to try. They are reviewed extremely positively, excellent build quality, won a few awards and some very nice Youtube videos of them too, but it's tricky buying a lesser known maker.
Thanks again for info, will do some research on the models you mentioned.