Hi! I want to buy a 12 string guitar but i'm not sure between Seagull Coastline S12 Q1 and Martin D12X1AE.... I don't have the possibility to listen them live in action before buying... Help me if you can. Thanks!
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They're both great guitar companies, I have a Seagull Coastline Parlor, and Martin 000X1 so I'm familiar with both series of guitar just not the specific models you've mentioned.

Are you sure there's no way to try them out before you buy them. Because the end decision will truly come down to preference....
That Seagull is Solid top (Cedar unless specified spruce) / Cherry Laminate back and sides / Rosewood Fretboard. You don't Get All solid wood from seagull except in the Maritime SWS, and Artist Series of Guitars.

The Martin is a Solid Sitka Spruce top with HPL Back and Sides, Stratabond neck and Richlite Fingerboard.
neither is all solid. the martin back and sides are made with HPL, which is basically particle board. it has more bass than you'd expect from laminate, but i prefer the sound of the seagull myself. it sounds beautiful.

honestly either would be a good choice, although HPL is hard to have repaired if it gets broken - many luthiers and techs won't even try. i also find the seagull has more overtones, which i like.
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Unfortunately, my Seagull and Martin are two totally different Guitars.

My Seagull is a Parlor Acoustic and my Martin is a 000 / Grand Concert with electronics.

I have had the Seagull for about 6 months, it was my only acoustic for most of that time. What a like about that particular guitar is I can sit in my easy chair and play it very comfortably while being reclined.

I have only had my Martin for a few days... the story of me buying it is in this sub-forum I just posted it about an hour before you started this thread. I love my Martin too. It's a much more pronounced sound. When I strum it, the sound fills the house and there's no question to anyone around which guitar I'm playing. Part of this is because it is bigger bodied but some of it has to do with Martin's Bracing and it's ability to produce very "punchy" bass tones.

I'm sorry that I can't legitimately comment on either companies Dreadnaughts due to lack of time using either and lack of time trying them out because they're both just downright uncomfortable for me to play.

From what I have read consistently, Martin is going to give you more base response, and the Seagull tends to give a better overall balance of tone.

I hope this helps and doesn't make life any more confusing.